Zoe Aubert

- Warhammer, Warhammer40k, Orks

Finished my Goff Rocker. Pretty pleased with the result; still a few little touch-ups to do, but for my first Ork, I’m very happy, the skin is a lot of fun to highlight.

Several angles of my painted Goff Rocker Ork miniature. The ork is posed with one foot raised on a squig, their left arm holding a microphone up to sing into and the other holding a guitar that's strapped to their back. He is wearing biking leathers and a hat. The orks skin is painted a dark green and is fully shaded and highlighted. The highlights maintain the colour without becoming yellow. The leathers are black with medium grey highlights. The squig is painted red with orange-red highlights. The guitar has been painted a hot yellow. Various metal accents are in a mix of bronze and silver colours. The base has been left a simple flat black